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Lately it seems, much of the music I hear is losing touch. Losing touch with sharing emotion. You can follow the trends but sometimes you just have to take a chance and put something out there that doesn't follow the pack. A song that affects you deeply and personally.


A song to bring us together in the human experience.

We all feel the loss of loved ones sooner or later.


With the passing of my Dad a few years ago, I had been reflecting on talks with my Mom about how she sometimes talks to the pillow like he's still there. How proud he'd be of this or that, how she thinks of him often. I too think of him often ... thinking about you.


 Now I had been sitting on this idea for many months, and still had a hard time playing it all the way through without getting choked up so I put it away for a while.


Recently an old friend passed away that I had lost contact with,  for reasons I can't even remember. At the funeral I met up with old friends that I hadn't seen in years and had thought of often but never connected with and it stirred up this song again.....thinking about you.

I hadn't thought about releasing it for radio at all. It was always an album track, maybe to be a future fan favourite. It wasn't until I shared a preview of the track with an influential country radio personality that I realized the emotion the song shared. I hope it connects with you in a personal way and helps you celebrate who you're thinking about.


Flower Field
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