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Countdown to Valentine's Day - Why Valentine's Day Sucks! 3 Days and Counting ...

Yet another reason Valentine's Day sucks (well, actually two reasons): stress and gluttony.

Everyone expects a special moment on Valentine's Day, and the expectations cause more stress than they are worth! Last year, it was dinner at an expensive restaurant - this year, that won't be enough. So, it's dinner and then a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city. Next year, you have to top it again! The stress of beating last's year moment is insane!

And the gluttony! Chocolates by the boatful, the most delicious and succulent selection of meats, and wines, champagnes, and shots! So much to consume, and so much excess ... for so little reason!

Request "Valentine's Day" at your local radio station, and check out the video on the band's YouTube channel!

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