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Durham County Band Hits the Road - Radio Tour!

Out at the Farm - Pete Wheeler and Kip Walker

In early July 2018, Durham County Band will be hitting the road to support the release of their first single, "Back Roads."

Across Ontario, the band will be interviewed on air, answering questions and playing live acoustic songs. The band is rehearsing acoustic versions of some of their upcoming releases in anticipation of the radio tour.

"It's so exciting," says Bronson Brown. "Getting out there, connecting with the people, letting them hear our new material. I can't wait."

James Downham spoke with Dave Woods to kick off the radio tour; they talked about Durham County Band, their newest release, as well as their plans for the rest of the year. You can hear the entire interview by clicking here.

Please follow DCB on FaceBook and Instagram for daily updates during the radio tour! Coming July 2018!

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