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New Single "Don't Turn Away" Available Now!

Don't Turn Away - available now at the band's website!

The next Durham County Band single "Don't Turn Away" is available now! Fans of the band can purchase the single directly from the band's website!

Following the incredibly successful first release "Back Roads," this new single serves up another helping of the band's signature harmonies, intricate guitar licks, and catchy choruses.

"We're so excited about this next single," says Pete Wheeler. "We field-tested this song during our radio tour this summer, and the feedback on this tune was overwhelmingly positive. It was a natural follow-up."

Featuring the main vocals of Kip Walker, this song showcases the band's diversity, not only in style but also in lead singers.

"I'm really proud of this song," Walker states, interviewed by telephone from the band's studio. "It's a story of perseverance, of dreaming big and taking chances, which is something people can relate to, no matter their walk of life. And, for the band, it celebrates our dexterity as writers and performers."

Released to radio on October 15, 2018, "Don't Turn Away" is also available for purchase from the band's website at Check it out now!

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