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New Single for DCB - Fall 2018

New Single for DCB - Coming Soon!

The Durham County Band will be releasing their next single to radio in late October 2018.

Following the successful summer rocker "Back Roads," their next single will showcase another side of the band. The band tells me there were many discussions and opinions about what the next single should be.

"Just about everybody who has heard us play had a different choice for the next single," said Bronson Brown. "It was flattering, but kind of frustrating too! It made our job a whole lot harder."

Kip Walker explains how the next single relates to the first. "Back Roads was such a great upbeat driving song. This next song has those same deep harmonies, same hooks, but comes at you in a totally different way. We're super proud of our next single and can't wait for our fans to hear it."

Watch this space and all the DCB social media spots for the official release date, coming soon!

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