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Huge Support for "Don't Turn Away"!

With the release of their second single, “Don’t Turn Away,” on October 15, 2018, the Durham County Band has received a tremendous show of support from fans and radio stations alike.

Now in regular rotation with stations across Canada “Don’t Turn Away” has been tearing up the FM radio and Sirius XM satellite waves. The band is so appreciative of the front-line personnel that have been spinning the new single and taking the time to get to know the band.

A special thanks goes out to Great Lakes Country, Country 103 in Little Current for making Durham County Band their "Artist of the Month" for November! Shout out to Corey and KT for their hospitality during the band’s summer visit!

The last, and largest, round of thanks goes out to the Durham County Bandits, who have embraced the band’s music and gone out of their way to support via text, email, and personal visits all that the band has produced!

And keep sharing the good word about Durham County Band!

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