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Southern Country Rock from Southern Ontario


Durham County Band, hailing from Southern Ontario, is southern country rock that keeps your ear hooked. Amazing melodies, walls of harmonies, and great signature guitar-playing - Durham County Band has it all.  Whether performing a stadium anthem or an introspective ballad, these guys know what's at the heart of country music and deliver it every time.


Pete Wheeler

Guitar / Vocals


Is there anything that Pete can't do?  Vocalist mulit-instrumentalist, accomplished writer and producer and insanely talented studio engineer, Pete makes Durham County sound good both in and out of the studio.

Kip Walker

Guitar / Keys / Vocals


Never one to forget a chord or lyric, Kip brings  his unique vocal styling and quiet focus to the writing and recording process, and a not-so-quiet energy to Durham County's live shows.

Bronson Brown

Bass / Keys / Vocals


With vocals as smooth as butter and a bottom end that just won't quit, Bronson brings the soul and swagger that is the backbone of Durham County's sound.

James Downham

Guitars / Vocals


With the vocal stylings of a true crooner, James brings flair and style to Durham County, with his distinct voice and energetic performances .